Saturday, May 6, 2017


Once you realise the reality, you overcome the Attachments...

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Soul love

When you are away from rest of the world, you will feel closest to me!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pure bliss

photo credits: Mohit Gupta

Yearning to meet the beloved is a pure bliss!
I close my eyes and feel the bliss!
I practice and practice.. now I just blink and feel it...

I am thankful to you God for this unconditional love and giving me such a beautiful experience!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spiritual love

photo credits: Mohit Gupta

I heard an eternal voice, a Godly one-

"Your body,  physical life, relationships, earthly possessions, happiness and tough times- None is mine.. Just the soul belongs to me!

For you to feel my love, you have to rise above all these and we are one..."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4 years of break, and getting back on this blog

It's been a while that I stepped out of my blogging and I have been too distant from writing for a long time.. I have gone through new experiences in life during this time. And now I feel I should start writing them again... Either I write my own experiences in form of poems/ one liners /small write ups or of the ones whom I hear out and contemplate their feelings through personification.

Hope we stay in touch for longer this time!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My curly emotions...

My emotions- Where had I left them long ago,
Don't even remember when I did let them go...

These emotions were like my hair,
the curls falling down my cheeks to snare.
And never did I realize they netted me so close,
But I was the one who made them deliberately go.

Life has brought them back,
As a gift for me,
A gift- I should have preserved throughout,
throughout the alchemy.

I had lost the feeling of love,
had lost the sense of oneness,
in the soreness of an abscess.
Now when they are back, I want them to stay,
whatever come it may.
Because they make me see the love I hold through these emotions,
Which were lost during those commotions.

May be, it’s someone who has come,
Come to fathom my emotions,
And led me to combat my own implosions.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Mother

She has always been like a rock- a hard one
very strong and tough within.
But only a few know the translucent rock.
Against obstacles, tough she appear,
but in front of love, emerge like a sheer.
She lets the light of love permeate in,
And would hide her worries behind her cute grin.

I frown on small things
But she still does not give a damn fling
She could catch the hulk behind my disparaging smile since all these years
And I, at times, still fail to understand her hidden tears.

What you taught me over the years
That I never understood why I was been taught...
It all feels like a blessing today.

If I could be just 5% of what you are as a mother, my kid(in future) will be blessed!
Happy Birthday Mumma! Lots of love :*

Sunday, June 10, 2012

To my little adorable neice- Aarna

Little Aarna


Your deep eyes brighten my day,
You naughty smile take my worries away,
Your little intricate games wash my tears away.

I forget my tauts when I see you chuckling,
I get exhilarated to see you frolicking.
We dance, and we play,
You take from me, my years away.
You don't let me rest when I am there,
And I can't see you sleep while I am awake.
You are yet not 2, and I am far beyond 22.

But still we are always as excited as childhood friends,
Waiting to see each other every weekend.

Little sweetheart, you are still a toddler to understand what "Love" is,
But yet you express it in the most perfect way.
I love you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My miserliness to my own life...

Pure, originally uploaded by me2myself(Vaishali).
My inner world is calling out

to evacuate the stinginess I hold for it.

Because I forgot it in the insanities of the out curls

My pleasures now driven by dampness of the futile small things.

Tasting the superficial jaggery, I forgot the taste of the pure dew.

I forgot the ambrosia which takes me to my evolution

from this rugged body to my immortal soul

to quench the thirst of love for my eternal lord.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do not exploit, give yourself some rest...

From my cuticles to my toes,
They all tell me their woes
They ask me for some pamper,
but how selfish I am, I ignore.
I crucify them to so much pains,
But the prodigal me can't satisy them with the color paints.
There is something more than just exuberance that they need.
Rest and peace is what they want me them to feed.
I prostrate them from every dawn till the late dusk,
Till it pains underneath their husk.
From the epoch when the sparrows crook,
Till the time the bats shook.
I exploit them for longest hours,
But I forget that they are my own part.

One day when they give me back the same heck,
I will be underneath the most fervent wreck.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Take me back in Time...

There was a life full of energy, full of peace and also full of chaos, but still that time had been the best time of my life. Even today the life unfolds the excitement and the sadness as the same deck of cards, in the same unexpected way. Today also, there is a mystery with each new day, a new feeling - good or bad. But still I say that time had been the best time of my life.

If I ever ask myself -Why that time had been the best time of my life? I would resonate and tell the same thing "because that time had given me the people for my lifetime, with whom I want to re-live those moments again and again and tell myself - I want to go back in time". And believe me when I am with those lifetime friends, I actually re-live those memoirs. If I look out the same porch with them now where we have grown up together, the air becomes as lively as it was then, and I feel young again. For that moment I forget that it was a past because my today is what I enjoy as much as my past. And it seems that the numerical number of the years in my life had gone back in time, and I am younger again.

To be honest, whenever we friends meet, we wish to have a time machine which can let us go back in time (It may sound frivolous for oldies like us from early 80's to talk like that, but that's true. We still do that). But if I re-think, we have that time machine with us because we still re-live those memories now as well when we are together.

I don't know if I would have the opportunity in my future as well to enjoy this back in time mode, but one thing is for sure - whenever in time ahead I visit that porch alone, I will still miss those memoirs and would cry at my heart for not being able to re-live those memoirs with the friends who have made it so special for me so that I can say that time had been the best time of my life.