Friday, October 23, 2009

Misery all around...

I could rarely hear anyone in the mayhem. The lady next to me was crying in agony. Her son had taken a blood bath. On the other side, an old woman was howling in grief because she lost her husband. An almost skeletal old man was quivering with chill. I could see havoc and turmoil all around. The squirm crowd was darting from here to there. My heart was pounding seeing the chaos. The panorama was spine-chilling and awful. I had never experienced such a hair-raising scene. There was so much suffering all around, It seemed as if I have been in a warfare. But no, it was no warfare. It was an emergency ward of a hospital. I went there to meet my friend who was a physician in that hospital. ”It really calls for a great moral fiber to witness such an agony every day. How would the doctors do that? Seeing a dead dog would make me restless for the whole day.” I wondered. I remembered that I became numb when for the first time I witnessed a rat dissection in the biology lab of my school. That scene had certainly changed my mind of becoming a doctor. Hats off to all Doctors !!

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