Thursday, December 2, 2010

I am lost in reminiscences...


Some old memories
clasp me deeper
and I want to live in those memoirs,
with the people I love and lost.
In such vast world
and so many acquaintances
I am wandering,
searching for ones I love and lost.
No phone calls, no emails
and no letters reach them.
But just the prayers, I hope.

I miss you papa...

Monday, November 29, 2010

What's wrong?

It hurts..., originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

Why can't you express
when someone thinks you are wrong,
but the other person does not know the truth
and you are too tired of explaining the throng.
Your gestures are now fake,
and you tell-
yes it might have been my mistake.
Just to avoid further repulsions,
you put a full stop to all the discussions.
It is a viscous maze you discover,
And you stop being the shover.

Does it happen with anyone else as well?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If I try...

A new tomorrow ahead..., originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

If I try
what not could be done.
With the determination I have
obstacles would be fun.

I tried my best in the past,
But that was not the best of my vast.
No matter I did not succeed,
in the pursuits I heed.
But I still have my today,
to fight my fray.

This time I don't want to back feet,
It is a new tomorrow I want to greet.
A hundred times I stepped back and forth,
Though I know, more wait is worth.

When I walk away,
shall you see the same sun's sheen
This is what every hour I whim.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sit back and relax...

Sometimes life becomes so interesting when you let the world move ahead fast, while you decide to sit back on a resting chair, sip your tea and observe the people running around.  There is so much you can see and analyze which you really cannot when you are one of those in the crowd. Sitting back, you tend to observe every small thing, enjoy the small complicated yet beautiful world.

How does it work when you are in a complicated situation? Just take a sip of your tea and let your thinking bubbles say “Hey this guy! Why can’t he be chill and think over this matter once again”. And you would notice that you are so calm at this time instead of muddling over the situation like this other guy.  And believe me this situation looks a little funny too when you notice the whole complicated colorful drama from a black and white little corner when you feel no one is observing you but your are observing every little thing around.

But how does it happen? How can I live in my own world in a panicking situation? Does that mean I have to be absent minded in the present and be an analyst sitting on my “chair”? Actually you do “not” have to be absent minded. But yes your mind is now doing two things. Firstly, it is listening in the present. It does not necessarily mean that you have to listen to everything being said nor does it mean that you drop few of the things being said, off from your ear. It means that absorb whatever is required to know the situation and rest of the things which asks you to react in the panicking situation, just filter them for some time. So you have listened to everything but not absorbed all. Since when you start reacting to some situation, you senses are occupied more in reactions than in the resolution to your problem. So they tend to take away your thinking brain for some time, and your focus goes somewhere else. So save that much part of brain by sitting back calmly in your “chair” and be an analyst.

Also sitting back on “chair” does not literally mean that in a panic situation, you start looking for a chair and people call you an idiot and relentless. Sitting back on chair is a metaphor to let you relate to a calm situation which lets you feel that you are cool, relax and just observing with an open mind. You are, for that moment, not part of the panic situation. Just think that you have been hired as a consultant to study the situation and come up with a solution.

I tried this couple of times. It made me feel myself come out as a good observant and a quick thinker of the actual problem and come out with a solution. I think it would just need some practice to think of a cup of tea and a chair whenever you are in a such a perplexed topography.

Monday, October 18, 2010


after dark.., photo originally clicked and uploaded by Mihir Misra.

I was child
And still am I.
Playing games at twilight,
with a companion
who comes to see me at the fall of light.
My friend! it's there when I am alone amongst the trillion,
Yes it's my own shadow, my closest companion.

Seldom my mind goes into haze,
But my companion, who is clearer than me, 
brings me strength during the hours of dismays.

Seldom I feel lonely and go for a walk in the dusk,
where I do not see anyone of my own
but only this companion who holds my husk.

Seldom it happens when I am waiting for someone,
The one who never appears to wipe my tears
But this companion of mine, is the only one who hears.

I run and pause
And so it do,
Sometimes I looked bigger,
and sometimes it grew.

No matter how old are we,
we still play,
the games at twilight
chasing each others' footprints forth the way.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

To our customers...

Can you lend me your shoes?
So that I can wear them and understand your woes?

I promise I will make you forget,
the reasons that made you fret.

You hold so special, so dear,
loosing your trust is something I fear.

I would do my best to make you feel happy and gay,
And thank you with all my heart, for my bread and butter you pay.

I wish I could dive into your mind,
What you like, what you don't - is I could find.

I wish you could lend me your shoes,
So that I could wear them and understand your woes...

This is a small poem that I wrote as part of an assignment in Usability Testing Training held in Bangalore. This assignment was to let us make use of right part of our brains. We were asked to write a poem on any random topic. I chose this topic as it was closer to the subject of our training.

Our left brain is our logical brain whereas the right part of brain handles all the creativity. The idea of poem writing was to cultivate the creativity in our minds, making use of our right brain. We use our logical brains when we create and test a software. The creative brain remains inactive at that time. However, the consumers of our product use both left and right brains as they are in learning phase. So is why they can think of new ideas instantly and suggest even while using software for the first time.

To understand Usability, we have to think from users' perspective and for that it is mandatory to use both left and right brains. And then only we can put ourselves in the user's shoes ad know what usability problems they could face when they use our product.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The other side of moon...

Luna creciente, photo originally clicked and uploaded by FWHM.

I am the Moon.
They regard me for my sublimity,
and for the ambrosia of my serenity
The hard truth however is,
I do not have my own identity.

The light you see and cherish me what for, isn't mine,
Do you think I deserve -
the murmurs of my beauty in divine?
Or the sacred carols
enchanted for me in the shrine?

In one of each month's day
when I appear the brightest and complete,
And on the paramours' cruise, their love meets in feat
Holding hands they vow
to be together till the last morrow.
Do you think I deserve -
the honour of being the witness of their promises?
And the honour of being called the light of the love?

When I see myself,
I see just stones and gravel,
Nothing more than craters to unravel.
The light comes from Sun that makes me bright,
and make me the emperor of the night.

Do I really deserve what is not mine?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sand dunes of my life...

Curves, photo originally clicked by Mohit Gupta.

I walk through the dunes of sand,
leaving impressions of my feet,
which does not live longer than some petite hours,
wiped by the tempest or the scarcely showers.

It's a vast desert,
a desert of patterns and randomness - up and below,
I look up to the highest sky, counting the infinite stars,
and look down, counting the patterns of the randomness which are.

It's tough to walk bare feet,
for an endless journey,
in the heat of the sun or in the winter's fleet.

My alligatored sheath awaits the heavy pour,
to wipe the random patterns,
and lead me to the much awaited shore.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who are you?

Old rust, originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

I follow you everyday
to make your heart sway
trance you with all woes
I am not bothered however with you it goes.

I haunt you at nights
scare you in day
whenever I feel, from the present, you are away.

I need a single moment of your muse towards me,
And believe me, it starts with a fraction of spree.
Once I entice you, you are spellbound,
And you leave your present, future and around.
I try to stop you move ahead in your life
And this is something you still haven't realized.

I am your master and you are a slave to me,
But if try, I could have set you free.
If you think once before you sway in my flow,
It will be easier than anything to let me go.
Remember it is you who always invites,
I am not the one who incites.

Do you really wanna know who am I?
I am your "not so good" Yesterday.

Monday, September 27, 2010



I am like a branch of a tree,
Every season new leaves
lush and green
emanate from me,
They are so close
so loving,
They give me warmth in the cold.
But in the midst of autumn , they shed apart.
I see them dead on the earth below.
I am left there alone, yet strong.

With the spring, new flowers bud over me,
They are so bright
so fragrant,
They sing for me new rhythms.
But in the beauty of rains, they too are thrown apart.
I see them crushed on the earth below.
I am left there alone, yet strong.

I observe every season,
every movement of the sun,
every ride of the moon,
enjoying every bit of it.

Suddenly I feel weak and shaken,
They were someone I did not notice for so long,
Unlike those leaves and flowers which came and went by my life.
But these stood by, in all my pains.
None of the winds or the seasons could take them apart.
They fed me throughout since my commencement.
How could I not notice, not notice my origin?
Yes - they are my Roots from where I emerged..
I was so busy throughout,
looking up and around.
that I missed the closest to my surround.

This small poem is dedicated to all those who are too busy in their lives meeting new friends, creating new belongings that they forget to notice their roots- their Parents who have fed them with sumptuous meals even in the times of scarcity. It's the only time when you can be with them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paint my own world

I own my canvas - the canvas of my life.
And here I choose
what I want to paint from all the hues,
the yellows, the greys or the blues.

I am the artist of this canvas, painting a master's life.
But here I am - the artist and the master too.
I choose what I want to paint for the master,
the flowers or the cactus,
the tide or the hiatus.
Paint the blues as rain or the tear,
bring the reds as love or the fear.
I choose, amongst the strokes,
soft or sad,
hard or glad.

I own my canvas - the canvas of my life.
And here I choose
what I want to paint from all the hues,
the yellows, the greys or the blues.
I paint the canvas black to bring night,
or just make a peaceful day, keeping the canvas white.

I have this power, which I seldom realize
to paint my life's canvas, with the colors I like.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunken in thoughts...

How hard may I try,
not to get immersed,
Can't I stop,
stop to get sunken,
sunken in the thoughts?

It's hard for me,
everytime I feel I succeed,
succeed but not anytime, do I?
to keep myself away,
away from the thoughts.

Random are those,
those are my worries,
worries that keep me engulfed,
engulfed in an ocean infinite.

It's easy as a pie to live without,
without these thoughts.
But it isn't easy,
easy to let them go off.

In the end, you learn they aren't the thoughts that were holding you,
But you holding them tight, to let them not leave you lonely,
lonely in the infinite...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What is Detachment?

It's nothing but attachment to something better.

This is the theory that spiritual people follow for detaching themselves from the material objects of this world and attach themseleves to the one God, one energy and the one vibration.

Why vegetarianism?

This is a question which I am asked too often as most of my friends aren't vegetarians. There are certain reasons which I haven't been able to explain to them. Before I write this, I would want to say that I have no issues with people who are non-vegetarians. It's my personal belief and whatever I am writing,  I confine this philosophy to myself and would never impose it to anyone. I would feel good if anyone understands and appreciates the reasons for adopting vegetarianism. But if someone has contradictions to my statements below, it's human right to have one's own beliefs and philosophy and anybody in this world is free to have those contradictions.

When I think about it - the first reason that come to my mind is why should I consume the flesh of other creatures who are being ruthlessly killed just for some short minutes of pleasure to my taste buds. Thousands of innocent dolphins die every year while fishermen are in urge to catch Tuna, the most sold fish. I am thankful that I am born as a human and I am not scared that anytime, anyone could just stab me for their taste buds.

Also, I feel God did not give humans the nails and teeth like other meat eating animals. So genetically, we have not been engineered for consuming flesh. Also the animal flesh has very high content of uric acid which is the cause of many diseases in human body. Also a non-vegetarian person carries much more content of toxins and disease organisms which are transferred from animal flesh which doesn't go even after being cooked. Human intestines are long, not scientifically engineered to digest such high amount of toxins. And one important reason I may not want to forget, animals are not sanitary conscious like most of the humans. And ofcourse i would not want to elaborate more on this.

People go to temples to search God. However the true temple is within, and the search too starts from, and ends within. I had experienced the killing of a dog(in a car accident) near a temple. After that, I witnessed a "puja" of that place by the caretakers of the temple because as per them, the place got polluted by shedding of blood of an innocent and to empathize the poor fate of the innocent soul. And if you cannot have a killing in a sacred place like temple then how can one create a temple inside oneself when there is flesh of some innocent being consumed every other day. This is the reason why mystics advise people to follow vegetarianism.

The law of Karma also explains this well like Newton's first law of Force that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We carry the burden of our bad "Karmas" along with us which we have to shed here itself in one form or other, in form of one pain or other. Then why we humans, for our our taste buds which does not last longer than few seconds, just overweighing those burdens.

Consuming protein rich vegetarian diet is much more economical, social, ecological, humane and spiritual. Then why to complicate life of ours and others who aren't as fortunate as us, being born as humans.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Child Pyshcology

My friend attended a child pyshcology session for her nephew at his new school. Child pyschology session for a kid who is just 4 years old? It was quite surprising for me looking at the evolvement of people and society. I always used to think why people in my grandparents era were never so much considered about their child's state of mind, putting efforts for creating a positive environment in front of their kids so that they evolve in that environment, or simply judge small things like what is the atmosphere in their kids' school etc. For them, feeding the kids and to the maximum, sending their kid to school was a role they thought they should play in the kid's life till his adolescence. They would never be bothered about knowing the reason why their kid had started crying from recent times whenever he was going to school. They might just slap him for his behavior. They did not think to dig the reason which might be as simple as that the 4 year kid was suffering from some rapid changes in his school which he was not able to cope up with, like he was not able to build relationship with the class teacher because from few days, a new teacher was coming to the class each day. One cannot deny the fact that these small childhood events and fears are carried along, ahead in life in some form or other. And it is something that defines a personality to some level.

However, in today's world, the scenario is different. Now parents take special child pyshcology sessions to understand their kid, study their behavior and go deeper into things like what can effect their child's growth in long run. I know people in my era who put efforts trying to learn how to deal with childhood aggressions. I am really amazed with the thoughts and the evolution rate with which today's generation is observing these small things and adapting to the new pyshcology which may bring a big difference in their kid's life.
And I am really hopeful that this change will bring another class of evolution and will certainly improve the quality of life in the genrations to come.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Price or Worth?

A huge difference comes when I append "less" to both words of similitude in dictionary.  The two Synonyms becomes Antonyms. The law of equality does not hold true here :
Price = Worth
However, Priceless <> Worthless
A famous painting in museum is priceless as long as it remains there as a priceless piece of art. At the moment, it is out, every painter can paint one alike and it may loose its worth. So here priceless-ness ended up as worthlessness.
But the other theory states it differently, the painting is now hung on the wall of every adjacent house -  so its more popular, hence it was worthwhile to take it out of the museum to get more price. So here the formula gets reversed. A thing that became worthless earlier being out of the museum, is now high priced. But remember, you may no longer call it "priceless".

But I would always prefer the priceless-ness of the originality of the painting in the museum. The priceless things are very precious, and so let them be. Do not force things to make them worthless.

Stop Piracy :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weakness or Strength -- ??

Everyone understands their weaknesses. Though a lot of them say that they have none. However, saying and thinking that is a weakness too, infact the biggest one, as these people cannot even confide to themselves.
Conquering the weakness become more laborious with such people as their ego comes in between them and their own self.

When once in all, I would feel that I have conquered my weaknesses into my strengths, I shall freely say - hey I have learnt to Live!

Loneliness or Solitude -- ??

Some kind of misery pain is felt with the word "Loneliness"... But "Solitude" is a relief....
Depends whether you were left alone to lead loneliness or you wanted to be alone to experience the solitude....But no matter what, one leads to other... And there is no bad to experience both...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Biological Insurance" of a family

One of my friends was conceiving and fortunately I had a chance to attend the presentation delivered by an executive of Cryobank to her and her husband where I learnt about this "Biological Insurance" of the family. I was amazed to discover that the umbilical cord which was earlier regarded as a medical waste after the baby's delivery and was thrown in waste bins, has proven to be a life saver for the baby and the family from around 80 diseases which includes diseases like leukemia, heart damanges, Liver Cirhossis, Autism, kidney damages, Thalassemia and so many such diseases which directly impact the life of a person. This biological insurance is otherwise known as "Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy".

The process is carried out through preservence of the stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood after the delivery of a baby. These are then preserved in specialized banks which store them in some lab conditions and are delivered whenever the person whose cells were preserved or someone from his family require them in case of any of the diseases/injuries (that can be cured from them). So this insurance is not only for the owner of these stem cells, but for the parents and siblings as well. The probablity of a parent matching these stems cells is 50% and for a sibling, it is 25%.
Stem cells are the primitive cells which are the building blocks of organs and tissues of the body. They have property to repair, rejuvenate and regenerate the tissues and organs. Stem cells have two properties - either they can differentiate into other type of cells or self generate. So they can divide themselves symmetrically and produce daughter cells of identical kind or divide asymmetrically with one of the daughter cells, giving birth to some specialized cells like blood cell, brain cells etc which perform some specialized functions in the body. For example, if a patient is suffereing from Liver Cirrhosis which is liver damage disease, then the stem cells are transplanted to the patient's liver which can help in regeneration of liver cells. In many treatments like Cancer, these stem cells are used during Chemotherapy where the cancer cells are destroyed and these cells are transplanted to rejuvenate or regenerate the organ.

This whole knowledge was a fascinating discovery for me in  field of medical science and technology. Knowing all this, I was wondering with how much intricacy God has designed "Life". The umblical cord blood which was earlier just a medical waste is such a boon for saving the life of a person and take away all pain. Also if you look closely, the origin of a child through which the child remain connected to his mother in her potbelly for 9 months, which is the umbilical cord, has proven to be the life insurance. God must have thought a lot while designing this Life and his creations are the biggest "inventions" (not "discoveries") which is incomparable to any of these discoveries by humans. We humans,  just discovered which God invented millions of years ago. Hats off to the great designer!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Scope of "Testing" in real life

I was wondering about my job - "Software Testing". Then I was thinking about the importance of this area "Testing" in the real world. And I realised, that every discovery or experiment is a "Test" only because a discovery starts with a thought and steps forward with a trial if that thought works or not. So actually all the scientists are only "Testing" whether their thoughts would work or not.

Same is the case for life. We all are testing ourselves everyday. In my "Testing" job, one of my motto is - "whether my expected output is matching my actual output or not". And the same motto holds for each day in life when we are dealing with new things, new problems and new people. With each day, we test a new thing and conclude something. Our experiments in life seldom fails as our test cases and then we try to get them fixed.

So my life and my job are intrinsically closely related !

Friday, April 16, 2010


Infuriate, indignation, interjection, anger, disharmony, soreness, animosity, exasperation, rage, wrath, fury, ire, embitterment - all these are siblings of my subject today. I am trying to study this emotion and what harm it can do to me Or do I really apprehend what harm can it do to me when I am already in this state? May be, "No" atleast not at the moment. So I chose to write this when I am in one of these states.

To begin with, I will describe my characterstics when I am infuriated with someone. I feel irritated of the situation, uneasy at heart, negative about that person's perspectives, a single more mistake of that person can make a huge growl in my heart, discontented with his/her actions, may be soon I might just conclude an impression of his/her like an imprint forever. So I might end up inseminating my mind with negativity about that person and might carry that thought for longer than that moment.

Now lets see after seeing my characterstics, how do I tend to react at the situation. Either I will be in commonly known - "Angry in" state or "Angry out" state. Just to elaborate, "Angry in" is a state when one tends to keep the anger to oneself and "angry out" is the exasperation on others. Both the states when exceeding some limit has adverse effects on relationships. But at this moment, I would not realise the adverse effects it might lead to because in this state my acceptance to the fact - "I could be possibly wrong and the other peron could be right" is gone. And the problem is that anger is not preceded by a window of some seconds to just think once more before you are drifted in the twister cyclone of anger after which it becomes difficult to come out unless the destruction has already taken place. However you would never tend to think that way naturally unless you put an effort explicitly.

It certainly becomes more difficult if the person upfront whose action or mistake made you infuriated, keep spewing fire which adds to your anger. And specially some people become cannibals in this state if there is some big reason for them to be angry leading to violence and rage.

Now studying the characterstics of an angry person, and the extremes of what this expression can lead to, I feel that one has to really work on it to get away from it. One has to develop habit of giving a window before getting into an argument. Even if you are already into it unknowingly, as it just takes a spur, try to develop a window of 10 seconds before you make any answer during the argument. This window allows you to give a second thoughts to realise the consequences and have a little much of acceptance level. In some situation, you can backcount from 20 to 1 in your heart which will eventually calm you for sometime and then you can think and respond intelligently. Your back countdown may vary according to the person you are holding your opposition against. If the other person has less patience level and high ego, you might need to backcount from 50 to 1. So this formula makes your patience level proptional to the other person's anger. This is generally because it gets difficult for you to hold on your anger if the other antagonist has high ego, low patience and short temper. But this formula surely works in most of the cases!

Remember - an argument can always end if one of the two people involved learns to work on the anger and try to hold the patience level. And as I always think - "Well timed silence has more eloquence than words". So you may always win in your arguments during the exasperation if you try holding your patience(instead of anger I would say)!

The white pearl in my finger

Though I have neither totally denied nor followed the rituals of astrological gemstones, but the gemstones had always been an object of my curosity. This is what I used to hear about them before I actually got one for myself -

"Wearing appropriate gemstones matching your vedic horoscopes may eventually result in bringing peace to your mind, financial success, happy marriage, love, success in education, career, and general well being. Also it is very useful in improving health problems such as diabetes, asthma, arthritis, hypertension, liver problem, neurological disorder, infertility, and paralysis. As per the vedic science, wearing an appropriate gemstone culture a cosmic energy around and within you. Different gemstones affect you in a different way and are thus, should be worn after consultation from an expert only, because wearing a wrong gemstone which is not 'lucky' per your horoscope might bring disaster to your life."

I always had a wish of wearing a white pearl as it had always captivated me with its simplicity and beauty. By this, I mean I wanted to wear it as a beauty object.

"Pearls are stones of moon, known to strengthen the mind, help control anger and increase memory. They have a calming effect on a person's mind, and cultivate the feelings of compassion. They also help with spiritual meditation." - This what I had known earlier about my favorite gemstone. I would not simply deny if it does or does not do any of these but some of my aquaintances have told me that this had been true for them. And a pearl can be worn by anyone, this fact made me "un-relentlessly" decide to wear one.

I went to a jeweller shop and ordered one. He instructed me that Pearls are worn to mitigate the negative impacts of weak moon, so they must be worn on a Monday(Lunar day of the week) in a silver ring(as silver is considered as a cool metal). He also told that I should get the Pearl "Shudhikaran" or purification done before I wear it. He told me that I should go to a priest in a temple who would purify it by cleaning it in unboiled milk and by enchanting some "mantras". As a believer of sprituality not in manmade temples, I decided the shorter way to do it myself by cleaning it in the milk and remembering my "One" God. I did it on Monday too. So I would never truly say that I do not believe in all these. Infact I think I believe in it in some way. Since I have heard about so many experiences, so I went reading about the science of pearls and discovered few facts like -
- A pearl is made up of calcium carbonate in minute crystalline form, which has been deposited in concentric layers
- It is made by the rain drops, falling into the mouth of pearl oysters,
solidifies them into pearls.
- Cultured pearls are also made these days by creating artificial rain drops which are made to infuse in the sea shells which results in cultured pearls.
- The wearing off of the top layer of an original pearl brings a new layer which is as good as the last top layer. So the decoloring only happens only with artificial pearls.

Having this much knowledge, I had it worn on my smallest finger of my left hand, "on a monday", after "purifying" it. After wearing it, I was more curious whether it has some influence on my mind. So I was constantly observing my anger and its intensity to see if wearing a pearl is helping me or not.

One subsequent day, I was sitting doing my work when my brother called me for taking my opinion on something which would help him in taking some decision. So I got up, gave him my blah-blah two cents' which was just the opposite of what he preferred. So he overuled my opinion by calling it useless and started giving arguments to it. I could not bear and yelled back at him and just told him not to ask for my opinions in future if he could not just take them. He was cool after that but I could restore myself instinctly so I came back to my room in the same cold blooded mood and started my work. Just in a minute, my eyes went to 'the pearl in silver' in my finger. To my secret, I knew I was working on my anger from quite sometime, so the ring reminded me that it is worn by people for controlling anger. Just remembering this, my anger vanished in seconds because I had worn it following "almost" all rituals, So I thought to revert my anger. The next moment I called my brother and asked him calmly to follow his opinion as his opinion was also good. I was totally calm after that moment and some kind of warmth fled in my blood.

This was just one of such few incidents that happened to me when I tried to control or revert my anger just looking at the white pearl. May be because it actually gave me a "calming" effect with its peaceful look or it just reminded me of the purpose why it is worn by the people.

For any of the reasons, I deduced that it is helping me in some way. Atleast I am trying now :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


Anger is like water in hydrological cycle. It changes its form from liquid to gas on heating and rises up fast. When it is high, it becomes cold and hence condenses to liquid again. A stage comes when the clouds can not hold more condensed water and it precipitates on others.

This cycle should go on as the balance of life is stimulated by the cycle. If one tries to hold on anger for long, it gets converted to depression or suppression. However if it is precipitated heavily, it becomes resentment or remorse for others.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Positive Thinking

Reading Greg Mortenson's "Three cups of Tea", sitting by the side of the glass window in a metro train, I suddenly heard the howl of heavy pour and noticed the running rain drops sweeping the window glass from outside. The metro halted the next moment @ one of the stations and rested there for some techincal faults. I gazed at the glass window. I could see three different worlds from there. One was the world outside- people on the platform of the station. Other was of the reflection of the people standing inside the metro in bright white light with their sharp images in the glass reflection. Last- my reflection which was dark and just a silhouette as i sat by the edge of the window. I had enough time to study the three worlds as announcement was already made for the delay in departure of the train.
I looked at the people on the other side of the platform. A girl who was probably shouting on someone on phone. Her expressions were pretty aggravated as she seemed to be complaining someone in anger. One guy, young and good looking, sitting on a bench, looking worried with his both hands stretching over his head. One man with a laptop bag, in his middle age, was probably thinking if he appraised right people rightly at his office.
Turned my look at the bright reflections of the people. One beautiful lady was looking constantly without a blink at the banner "For old and handicapped" which adhered above the two corner seat of my row. Was she thinking about her old parents or about the physically challenged people in the world. Then she turned her eye at the solataire she was wearing in one of her long fingers and kept looking at it for sometime. She might be thinking deeply about her relationship. She looked sad. An old man standing besides her, holding the hanging support of the train and resting his head on his holding arm, was in his deep thoughts with deep wrinkles drawn over his forehead. Probably he was thinking about his budget for the month as the salary day was too far. Then I gave a quick look at other people I could see in the reflection. Most of them were in some deep thoughts and looked worried.
Now I looked at the dark silhouette in the reflection which looked like my twin sibling. I looked deeply to grab some expressions from the silhouette and found a dull and sad face. This was a lively creature which was lookind so dense then. Suddenly a roar from two battling clouds scared me and i was shaken by the sound. I looked around to see if other people also got scared but did not see anyone else like that.
Then I saw i smiling face of a little kid who was staring me. He made me smile too at the moment. It seemed he was telling me that the God scared me because i was encased in all negative thoughts and he shook me out of that negativity by making the clouds roar. Then I realized the beautiful rain was appearing as clouds cry to me. I was the one who used to smile like this little kid to make others around me smile too. But a negative thought can take you so far that you see negativity all around and oversee the positives. It was all my negative mindset that had let me see only the negativity and I missed enjoying one rain of my life.
In few moments I felt better, smiled and continued reading the inspiring book.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes life is so full of choices, each being very of its kind
Still you feel the one choice you want, is far behind

You look down
Your lashes wet
The moisture on your face dries your breath
You look back, you look around
To find your choice from far surround
But still you don't see the one, who would pursue your wreath

You gauge the mesh
Strife with yourself
Take the cactus
From underneath your flesh
And move on – is what you think
To pick the choice
The one in your fate
And shove away with a hate

Time passes by
No longer you cry
Forgotten the time when you had many but no choice
Accepting your fate and learnt to rejoice

Malgudi days of my life

Ample time in the God’s light, ample time in the God’s shower…
Those were the days… Now through my new fences– neither get to see the sun nor enjoy the rains..


Life's so empty...

My life is so empty but it behaves as if it is overflowed. The more I try to fill it, the more it pours...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Review - "The Present"

The Present : The Secret to Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now! The Present : The Secret to Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now! by Spencer Johnson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This was my first Spencer Johnson read. I must say it is pragmatic for people who are so much worried about their past and future that they don't realize the importance of the gift which they possess right now - "The Present". Its a nice book which conveys its message in form of a simple and light story, which lets you think more while you read. As the book itself says that you can either learn a lot if you want to or nothing. So if you stop by after every few pages, relating to yourself, I am sure you have assimilated its message and wise would be to think along how you can actually bring it into your life. The book simply tells you four things to be happy and succesful:
- Live the moment right now which is "your Present" and the greatest gift that you have.
- Learn from your past
- Plan for your future
- Have a purpose in your life

The messages are simple but reading the book would actually make you relate and realize the importance of the greatest gift that you possess.
Sometimes it takes not so long to learn the importance of this gift but for some people, it takes a life. And unfortunately for some people who are too much engrossed in making their future that it never occur to them realizing the importance of the moment right now.
And as for other inspirational books, the book is valueable if you actually read it through the pages of your life for making a difference.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review - "Iqbal"

Iqbal Iqbal by Francesco D'Adamo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The book is about a young child "Iqbal" who was amongst the millions of children who were "bonded" to their "master" working in carpet factory in Pakistan. Working for their "master" in these facories meant to be a way to pay the debt or grant the land back to their parents. These kids lived in a ruthless condition- abused and overworked. The lives of these children were circumfrenced to the four walls of a room tied with a loom where these carpets were woven. These little hands would tie the knots of thousands of carpets from the morning sun to evening moon in a hope that they would be freed one day once the debt is paid in return of their work. But the day had never come unless this young brave "Iqbal" came to the life of such few children in a carpet factory who showed them the way to the free world and helped them escape the dungeon. And later helped several thousands more of such children to go back to their families from hundreds of such carpet factories. His dream for freeing millions was not fulfilled as he had to sacrafice his life before that.

This book is a tribute to this child written by one of the closest person who accompanied him through his journey from the factory to the free world.

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Life touches me and so is the pain mazed in it...

It happens to me when I am alone thinking about the people who are not just related to me through the defined relations but there is some cord that makes me feel their pain. I really dont know how. And this fact makes me feel closer to the world beyond my world now. The bond seems to be stronger than with many of the people in my aquaintances.
I want to bring my own world comprising the few people in my world right now - (ofcourse my closed family and few closed people) and the people from beyond who are closer to me than the people I have to be aquainted with(like few of my distant relatives, friends with whom it gets difficult to feel the similitude). Very often I am asked to meet and visit people who are in my life just for the sake of being social because they are somewhere linked through these earthly social relation of family and friends and for whom I actually don't feel anything from my heart. Why does one need to do that?
It gets harder for me to make them understand that my social circle should only be the people I feel about. Why do I need to spend time with people whom I actually don't relate to and find to live that relation so fabricated. Why can we just live natural? Why does people feel bad when unattended even when they know that its artificial from both sides? Why can't this outlandish shell break with the people I am alienated to?
I know all this but again for the regard of people i love, i am always living in this labyrinth. I wish I could make them understand and get out of this mesh and just spend my energies on the people I want to live with and doing something about them.
It does not totally mean that i stop talking to other people in the world but it just means I dont have to be artificial with them and spend my energy and time on them. I want to give myself for the people whose pain touches me...