Saturday, February 13, 2010

Positive Thinking

Reading Greg Mortenson's "Three cups of Tea", sitting by the side of the glass window in a metro train, I suddenly heard the howl of heavy pour and noticed the running rain drops sweeping the window glass from outside. The metro halted the next moment @ one of the stations and rested there for some techincal faults. I gazed at the glass window. I could see three different worlds from there. One was the world outside- people on the platform of the station. Other was of the reflection of the people standing inside the metro in bright white light with their sharp images in the glass reflection. Last- my reflection which was dark and just a silhouette as i sat by the edge of the window. I had enough time to study the three worlds as announcement was already made for the delay in departure of the train.
I looked at the people on the other side of the platform. A girl who was probably shouting on someone on phone. Her expressions were pretty aggravated as she seemed to be complaining someone in anger. One guy, young and good looking, sitting on a bench, looking worried with his both hands stretching over his head. One man with a laptop bag, in his middle age, was probably thinking if he appraised right people rightly at his office.
Turned my look at the bright reflections of the people. One beautiful lady was looking constantly without a blink at the banner "For old and handicapped" which adhered above the two corner seat of my row. Was she thinking about her old parents or about the physically challenged people in the world. Then she turned her eye at the solataire she was wearing in one of her long fingers and kept looking at it for sometime. She might be thinking deeply about her relationship. She looked sad. An old man standing besides her, holding the hanging support of the train and resting his head on his holding arm, was in his deep thoughts with deep wrinkles drawn over his forehead. Probably he was thinking about his budget for the month as the salary day was too far. Then I gave a quick look at other people I could see in the reflection. Most of them were in some deep thoughts and looked worried.
Now I looked at the dark silhouette in the reflection which looked like my twin sibling. I looked deeply to grab some expressions from the silhouette and found a dull and sad face. This was a lively creature which was lookind so dense then. Suddenly a roar from two battling clouds scared me and i was shaken by the sound. I looked around to see if other people also got scared but did not see anyone else like that.
Then I saw i smiling face of a little kid who was staring me. He made me smile too at the moment. It seemed he was telling me that the God scared me because i was encased in all negative thoughts and he shook me out of that negativity by making the clouds roar. Then I realized the beautiful rain was appearing as clouds cry to me. I was the one who used to smile like this little kid to make others around me smile too. But a negative thought can take you so far that you see negativity all around and oversee the positives. It was all my negative mindset that had let me see only the negativity and I missed enjoying one rain of my life.
In few moments I felt better, smiled and continued reading the inspiring book.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Sometimes life is so full of choices, each being very of its kind
Still you feel the one choice you want, is far behind

You look down
Your lashes wet
The moisture on your face dries your breath
You look back, you look around
To find your choice from far surround
But still you don't see the one, who would pursue your wreath

You gauge the mesh
Strife with yourself
Take the cactus
From underneath your flesh
And move on – is what you think
To pick the choice
The one in your fate
And shove away with a hate

Time passes by
No longer you cry
Forgotten the time when you had many but no choice
Accepting your fate and learnt to rejoice

Malgudi days of my life

Ample time in the God’s light, ample time in the God’s shower…
Those were the days… Now through my new fences– neither get to see the sun nor enjoy the rains..


Life's so empty...

My life is so empty but it behaves as if it is overflowed. The more I try to fill it, the more it pours...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Book Review - "The Present"

The Present : The Secret to Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now! The Present : The Secret to Enjoying Your Work And Life, Now! by Spencer Johnson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
This was my first Spencer Johnson read. I must say it is pragmatic for people who are so much worried about their past and future that they don't realize the importance of the gift which they possess right now - "The Present". Its a nice book which conveys its message in form of a simple and light story, which lets you think more while you read. As the book itself says that you can either learn a lot if you want to or nothing. So if you stop by after every few pages, relating to yourself, I am sure you have assimilated its message and wise would be to think along how you can actually bring it into your life. The book simply tells you four things to be happy and succesful:
- Live the moment right now which is "your Present" and the greatest gift that you have.
- Learn from your past
- Plan for your future
- Have a purpose in your life

The messages are simple but reading the book would actually make you relate and realize the importance of the greatest gift that you possess.
Sometimes it takes not so long to learn the importance of this gift but for some people, it takes a life. And unfortunately for some people who are too much engrossed in making their future that it never occur to them realizing the importance of the moment right now.
And as for other inspirational books, the book is valueable if you actually read it through the pages of your life for making a difference.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Book Review - "Iqbal"

Iqbal Iqbal by Francesco D'Adamo

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The book is about a young child "Iqbal" who was amongst the millions of children who were "bonded" to their "master" working in carpet factory in Pakistan. Working for their "master" in these facories meant to be a way to pay the debt or grant the land back to their parents. These kids lived in a ruthless condition- abused and overworked. The lives of these children were circumfrenced to the four walls of a room tied with a loom where these carpets were woven. These little hands would tie the knots of thousands of carpets from the morning sun to evening moon in a hope that they would be freed one day once the debt is paid in return of their work. But the day had never come unless this young brave "Iqbal" came to the life of such few children in a carpet factory who showed them the way to the free world and helped them escape the dungeon. And later helped several thousands more of such children to go back to their families from hundreds of such carpet factories. His dream for freeing millions was not fulfilled as he had to sacrafice his life before that.

This book is a tribute to this child written by one of the closest person who accompanied him through his journey from the factory to the free world.

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Life touches me and so is the pain mazed in it...

It happens to me when I am alone thinking about the people who are not just related to me through the defined relations but there is some cord that makes me feel their pain. I really dont know how. And this fact makes me feel closer to the world beyond my world now. The bond seems to be stronger than with many of the people in my aquaintances.
I want to bring my own world comprising the few people in my world right now - (ofcourse my closed family and few closed people) and the people from beyond who are closer to me than the people I have to be aquainted with(like few of my distant relatives, friends with whom it gets difficult to feel the similitude). Very often I am asked to meet and visit people who are in my life just for the sake of being social because they are somewhere linked through these earthly social relation of family and friends and for whom I actually don't feel anything from my heart. Why does one need to do that?
It gets harder for me to make them understand that my social circle should only be the people I feel about. Why do I need to spend time with people whom I actually don't relate to and find to live that relation so fabricated. Why can we just live natural? Why does people feel bad when unattended even when they know that its artificial from both sides? Why can't this outlandish shell break with the people I am alienated to?
I know all this but again for the regard of people i love, i am always living in this labyrinth. I wish I could make them understand and get out of this mesh and just spend my energies on the people I want to live with and doing something about them.
It does not totally mean that i stop talking to other people in the world but it just means I dont have to be artificial with them and spend my energy and time on them. I want to give myself for the people whose pain touches me...