Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life touches me and so is the pain mazed in it...

It happens to me when I am alone thinking about the people who are not just related to me through the defined relations but there is some cord that makes me feel their pain. I really dont know how. And this fact makes me feel closer to the world beyond my world now. The bond seems to be stronger than with many of the people in my aquaintances.
I want to bring my own world comprising the few people in my world right now - (ofcourse my closed family and few closed people) and the people from beyond who are closer to me than the people I have to be aquainted with(like few of my distant relatives, friends with whom it gets difficult to feel the similitude). Very often I am asked to meet and visit people who are in my life just for the sake of being social because they are somewhere linked through these earthly social relation of family and friends and for whom I actually don't feel anything from my heart. Why does one need to do that?
It gets harder for me to make them understand that my social circle should only be the people I feel about. Why do I need to spend time with people whom I actually don't relate to and find to live that relation so fabricated. Why can we just live natural? Why does people feel bad when unattended even when they know that its artificial from both sides? Why can't this outlandish shell break with the people I am alienated to?
I know all this but again for the regard of people i love, i am always living in this labyrinth. I wish I could make them understand and get out of this mesh and just spend my energies on the people I want to live with and doing something about them.
It does not totally mean that i stop talking to other people in the world but it just means I dont have to be artificial with them and spend my energy and time on them. I want to give myself for the people whose pain touches me...


  1. What if the people in the world where you wanna live, wanna have their own world outside. It will be an open loop.......

  2. What about those who feel the pain each day coz you are not there anymore...

  3. @Shikha : I know we have been dicussing over this so many times. I think you know perfectly to what kind of relationships i am talking about here.
    In my opinion, if i have a person with whom i actually want to live with, the the line of "his people' and 'my people' fades away. Then the question becomes elementary to what kind of people they are(whether his' or mine) and whether those relationships are superficial or lively. If they are lively then i would love to live them.
    I am not apprehensive for new people in my live, i am only apprehensive for superficial relation that we generally live with.

  4. @Leonine : Aparna, this feeling is for the fabricated relationships we seldom live in our lives and you are indeed NOT one of them.