Saturday, February 13, 2010

Positive Thinking

Reading Greg Mortenson's "Three cups of Tea", sitting by the side of the glass window in a metro train, I suddenly heard the howl of heavy pour and noticed the running rain drops sweeping the window glass from outside. The metro halted the next moment @ one of the stations and rested there for some techincal faults. I gazed at the glass window. I could see three different worlds from there. One was the world outside- people on the platform of the station. Other was of the reflection of the people standing inside the metro in bright white light with their sharp images in the glass reflection. Last- my reflection which was dark and just a silhouette as i sat by the edge of the window. I had enough time to study the three worlds as announcement was already made for the delay in departure of the train.
I looked at the people on the other side of the platform. A girl who was probably shouting on someone on phone. Her expressions were pretty aggravated as she seemed to be complaining someone in anger. One guy, young and good looking, sitting on a bench, looking worried with his both hands stretching over his head. One man with a laptop bag, in his middle age, was probably thinking if he appraised right people rightly at his office.
Turned my look at the bright reflections of the people. One beautiful lady was looking constantly without a blink at the banner "For old and handicapped" which adhered above the two corner seat of my row. Was she thinking about her old parents or about the physically challenged people in the world. Then she turned her eye at the solataire she was wearing in one of her long fingers and kept looking at it for sometime. She might be thinking deeply about her relationship. She looked sad. An old man standing besides her, holding the hanging support of the train and resting his head on his holding arm, was in his deep thoughts with deep wrinkles drawn over his forehead. Probably he was thinking about his budget for the month as the salary day was too far. Then I gave a quick look at other people I could see in the reflection. Most of them were in some deep thoughts and looked worried.
Now I looked at the dark silhouette in the reflection which looked like my twin sibling. I looked deeply to grab some expressions from the silhouette and found a dull and sad face. This was a lively creature which was lookind so dense then. Suddenly a roar from two battling clouds scared me and i was shaken by the sound. I looked around to see if other people also got scared but did not see anyone else like that.
Then I saw i smiling face of a little kid who was staring me. He made me smile too at the moment. It seemed he was telling me that the God scared me because i was encased in all negative thoughts and he shook me out of that negativity by making the clouds roar. Then I realized the beautiful rain was appearing as clouds cry to me. I was the one who used to smile like this little kid to make others around me smile too. But a negative thought can take you so far that you see negativity all around and oversee the positives. It was all my negative mindset that had let me see only the negativity and I missed enjoying one rain of my life.
In few moments I felt better, smiled and continued reading the inspiring book.