Friday, May 21, 2010

Scope of "Testing" in real life

I was wondering about my job - "Software Testing". Then I was thinking about the importance of this area "Testing" in the real world. And I realised, that every discovery or experiment is a "Test" only because a discovery starts with a thought and steps forward with a trial if that thought works or not. So actually all the scientists are only "Testing" whether their thoughts would work or not.

Same is the case for life. We all are testing ourselves everyday. In my "Testing" job, one of my motto is - "whether my expected output is matching my actual output or not". And the same motto holds for each day in life when we are dealing with new things, new problems and new people. With each day, we test a new thing and conclude something. Our experiments in life seldom fails as our test cases and then we try to get them fixed.

So my life and my job are intrinsically closely related !


  1. Nicely said.

    Wonderful resemblance between life and testing.

    I think at every important moment of life we test ourselves, or someone else or just the destiny.

  2. Thanks Akshaya.
    And you correctly added "test just the destiny" :-)

  3. Hello, Vaishali,

    You have given a wonderful description, but can I modify it slightly?I feel God is continously testing us by giving us problems to solve, just like a teacher gives Math "problems"to the student to solve.God does this to help us experience what we have come here for and in the process, evolve spiritually. In fact, i would go further and state that we should be thankful to Him for the obstacles and difficulties we face....these are nothing but repeated tests by the "Master" to help us progress in life!

  4. Thank you so much Dr. Kohli.
    I think you have made this description complete and you have said it rightly.
    Thank you so much for stepping in and making it complete.