Monday, June 28, 2010

Child Pyshcology

My friend attended a child pyshcology session for her nephew at his new school. Child pyschology session for a kid who is just 4 years old? It was quite surprising for me looking at the evolvement of people and society. I always used to think why people in my grandparents era were never so much considered about their child's state of mind, putting efforts for creating a positive environment in front of their kids so that they evolve in that environment, or simply judge small things like what is the atmosphere in their kids' school etc. For them, feeding the kids and to the maximum, sending their kid to school was a role they thought they should play in the kid's life till his adolescence. They would never be bothered about knowing the reason why their kid had started crying from recent times whenever he was going to school. They might just slap him for his behavior. They did not think to dig the reason which might be as simple as that the 4 year kid was suffering from some rapid changes in his school which he was not able to cope up with, like he was not able to build relationship with the class teacher because from few days, a new teacher was coming to the class each day. One cannot deny the fact that these small childhood events and fears are carried along, ahead in life in some form or other. And it is something that defines a personality to some level.

However, in today's world, the scenario is different. Now parents take special child pyshcology sessions to understand their kid, study their behavior and go deeper into things like what can effect their child's growth in long run. I know people in my era who put efforts trying to learn how to deal with childhood aggressions. I am really amazed with the thoughts and the evolution rate with which today's generation is observing these small things and adapting to the new pyshcology which may bring a big difference in their kid's life.
And I am really hopeful that this change will bring another class of evolution and will certainly improve the quality of life in the genrations to come.


  1. Trends are surely changing.

    One of the best thing about bringing up a child now is that parents are opening up to the fact that not every child is same and one should not compare two children.

    This is surely bringing the best out of the kids since they know that they can excel in one thing or other and do whatever they want to do in life.