Sunday, June 20, 2010

Price or Worth?

A huge difference comes when I append "less" to both words of similitude in dictionary.  The two Synonyms becomes Antonyms. The law of equality does not hold true here :
Price = Worth
However, Priceless <> Worthless
A famous painting in museum is priceless as long as it remains there as a priceless piece of art. At the moment, it is out, every painter can paint one alike and it may loose its worth. So here priceless-ness ended up as worthlessness.
But the other theory states it differently, the painting is now hung on the wall of every adjacent house -  so its more popular, hence it was worthwhile to take it out of the museum to get more price. So here the formula gets reversed. A thing that became worthless earlier being out of the museum, is now high priced. But remember, you may no longer call it "priceless".

But I would always prefer the priceless-ness of the originality of the painting in the museum. The priceless things are very precious, and so let them be. Do not force things to make them worthless.

Stop Piracy :-)


  1. Hey.. Stumbled on this blog accidentaly.. A good read.. Nice example to bring out the anomaly... Art n other things like these should be kept price-less or else Mastercard would be able to buy 'Everything'.. :P

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  3. Thanks Nikhil. Glad that you liked it. :-)