Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weakness or Strength -- ??

Everyone understands their weaknesses. Though a lot of them say that they have none. However, saying and thinking that is a weakness too, infact the biggest one, as these people cannot even confide to themselves.
Conquering the weakness become more laborious with such people as their ego comes in between them and their own self.

When once in all, I would feel that I have conquered my weaknesses into my strengths, I shall freely say - hey I have learnt to Live!


  1. Hey.. Thats a pretty good observation.. people just dont admit that they have any... or they brush them off as 'not weaknesses'. Say somethin like the ability to laugh at urself.. :P


  2. Thanks Nikhil. Yes that's a good way to start with- ability to laugh at urself :-)

  3. The day I say that I have conquered all my weaknesses, I will need to start all over again :)