Monday, September 27, 2010



I am like a branch of a tree,
Every season new leaves
lush and green
emanate from me,
They are so close
so loving,
They give me warmth in the cold.
But in the midst of autumn , they shed apart.
I see them dead on the earth below.
I am left there alone, yet strong.

With the spring, new flowers bud over me,
They are so bright
so fragrant,
They sing for me new rhythms.
But in the beauty of rains, they too are thrown apart.
I see them crushed on the earth below.
I am left there alone, yet strong.

I observe every season,
every movement of the sun,
every ride of the moon,
enjoying every bit of it.

Suddenly I feel weak and shaken,
They were someone I did not notice for so long,
Unlike those leaves and flowers which came and went by my life.
But these stood by, in all my pains.
None of the winds or the seasons could take them apart.
They fed me throughout since my commencement.
How could I not notice, not notice my origin?
Yes - they are my Roots from where I emerged..
I was so busy throughout,
looking up and around.
that I missed the closest to my surround.

This small poem is dedicated to all those who are too busy in their lives meeting new friends, creating new belongings that they forget to notice their roots- their Parents who have fed them with sumptuous meals even in the times of scarcity. It's the only time when you can be with them.


  1. It is already good photographs.

    With best wishes
    Jonas Ramoška

  2. Very nice poem.

    It is true that once we grow our own wings, we tend to forget the ones who were there when we didn't had the wings...

  3. Jonas,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comments.

  4. This is so touching... Loved it :).
    So proud of you.