Monday, October 18, 2010


after dark.., photo originally clicked and uploaded by Mihir Misra.

I was child
And still am I.
Playing games at twilight,
with a companion
who comes to see me at the fall of light.
My friend! it's there when I am alone amongst the trillion,
Yes it's my own shadow, my closest companion.

Seldom my mind goes into haze,
But my companion, who is clearer than me, 
brings me strength during the hours of dismays.

Seldom I feel lonely and go for a walk in the dusk,
where I do not see anyone of my own
but only this companion who holds my husk.

Seldom it happens when I am waiting for someone,
The one who never appears to wipe my tears
But this companion of mine, is the only one who hears.

I run and pause
And so it do,
Sometimes I looked bigger,
and sometimes it grew.

No matter how old are we,
we still play,
the games at twilight
chasing each others' footprints forth the way.


  1. I often err
    and ignore,
    this faithful, silent
    friend of yore.

    When my head is swell,
    and the noon is high,
    It wilts
    and falls from the sky.

    Hurt, shy,
    weak, discreet,
    onto my naked
    path-worn feet.

    But when I bend
    and get it back,
    I find it smiling,
    on the track.

    No sorrow, no whine,
    no complaint,
    no hint of hurt,
    not even faint.

    Happy am I,
    as can be one,
    to regain my lost

  2. sharanlal,

    That's an amazing poem...Really loved it. Loved the ending specially. It took a move from hues to smiles in the end...Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Glad you like it. Was inspired by yours.

  4. Only a broken heart can dwell on emotions so timeless.