Saturday, October 2, 2010

The other side of moon...

Luna creciente, photo originally clicked and uploaded by FWHM.

I am the Moon.
They regard me for my sublimity,
and for the ambrosia of my serenity
The hard truth however is,
I do not have my own identity.

The light you see and cherish me what for, isn't mine,
Do you think I deserve -
the murmurs of my beauty in divine?
Or the sacred carols
enchanted for me in the shrine?

In one of each month's day
when I appear the brightest and complete,
And on the paramours' cruise, their love meets in feat
Holding hands they vow
to be together till the last morrow.
Do you think I deserve -
the honour of being the witness of their promises?
And the honour of being called the light of the love?

When I see myself,
I see just stones and gravel,
Nothing more than craters to unravel.
The light comes from Sun that makes me bright,
and make me the emperor of the night.

Do I really deserve what is not mine?


  1. Several poems have been written on beauty of this fascinating white celestial body and how it has inspired writers/poets but I hardly remember any one on the other side.

    Indeed 'the other side of moon' :)

  2. Amazing!!! My favourite by far.

  3. Wow,u r quite surreal.
    Its just like i am reading a kindergarden poem with a little panache.