Saturday, October 9, 2010

To our customers...

Can you lend me your shoes?
So that I can wear them and understand your woes?

I promise I will make you forget,
the reasons that made you fret.

You hold so special, so dear,
loosing your trust is something I fear.

I would do my best to make you feel happy and gay,
And thank you with all my heart, for my bread and butter you pay.

I wish I could dive into your mind,
What you like, what you don't - is I could find.

I wish you could lend me your shoes,
So that I could wear them and understand your woes...

This is a small poem that I wrote as part of an assignment in Usability Testing Training held in Bangalore. This assignment was to let us make use of right part of our brains. We were asked to write a poem on any random topic. I chose this topic as it was closer to the subject of our training.

Our left brain is our logical brain whereas the right part of brain handles all the creativity. The idea of poem writing was to cultivate the creativity in our minds, making use of our right brain. We use our logical brains when we create and test a software. The creative brain remains inactive at that time. However, the consumers of our product use both left and right brains as they are in learning phase. So is why they can think of new ideas instantly and suggest even while using software for the first time.

To understand Usability, we have to think from users' perspective and for that it is mandatory to use both left and right brains. And then only we can put ourselves in the user's shoes ad know what usability problems they could face when they use our product.


  1. Good one Vaishali !

    How was this training?

  2. @Thanks Vijay. Training went well :-)

  3. I believe u gets your muse easily.
    It was a quite interesting read.