Monday, November 29, 2010

What's wrong?

It hurts..., originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

Why can't you express
when someone thinks you are wrong,
but the other person does not know the truth
and you are too tired of explaining the throng.
Your gestures are now fake,
and you tell-
yes it might have been my mistake.
Just to avoid further repulsions,
you put a full stop to all the discussions.
It is a viscous maze you discover,
And you stop being the shover.

Does it happen with anyone else as well?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If I try...

A new tomorrow ahead..., originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

If I try
what not could be done.
With the determination I have
obstacles would be fun.

I tried my best in the past,
But that was not the best of my vast.
No matter I did not succeed,
in the pursuits I heed.
But I still have my today,
to fight my fray.

This time I don't want to back feet,
It is a new tomorrow I want to greet.
A hundred times I stepped back and forth,
Though I know, more wait is worth.

When I walk away,
shall you see the same sun's sheen
This is what every hour I whim.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sit back and relax...

Sometimes life becomes so interesting when you let the world move ahead fast, while you decide to sit back on a resting chair, sip your tea and observe the people running around.  There is so much you can see and analyze which you really cannot when you are one of those in the crowd. Sitting back, you tend to observe every small thing, enjoy the small complicated yet beautiful world.

How does it work when you are in a complicated situation? Just take a sip of your tea and let your thinking bubbles say “Hey this guy! Why can’t he be chill and think over this matter once again”. And you would notice that you are so calm at this time instead of muddling over the situation like this other guy.  And believe me this situation looks a little funny too when you notice the whole complicated colorful drama from a black and white little corner when you feel no one is observing you but your are observing every little thing around.

But how does it happen? How can I live in my own world in a panicking situation? Does that mean I have to be absent minded in the present and be an analyst sitting on my “chair”? Actually you do “not” have to be absent minded. But yes your mind is now doing two things. Firstly, it is listening in the present. It does not necessarily mean that you have to listen to everything being said nor does it mean that you drop few of the things being said, off from your ear. It means that absorb whatever is required to know the situation and rest of the things which asks you to react in the panicking situation, just filter them for some time. So you have listened to everything but not absorbed all. Since when you start reacting to some situation, you senses are occupied more in reactions than in the resolution to your problem. So they tend to take away your thinking brain for some time, and your focus goes somewhere else. So save that much part of brain by sitting back calmly in your “chair” and be an analyst.

Also sitting back on “chair” does not literally mean that in a panic situation, you start looking for a chair and people call you an idiot and relentless. Sitting back on chair is a metaphor to let you relate to a calm situation which lets you feel that you are cool, relax and just observing with an open mind. You are, for that moment, not part of the panic situation. Just think that you have been hired as a consultant to study the situation and come up with a solution.

I tried this couple of times. It made me feel myself come out as a good observant and a quick thinker of the actual problem and come out with a solution. I think it would just need some practice to think of a cup of tea and a chair whenever you are in a such a perplexed topography.