Wednesday, November 24, 2010

If I try...

A new tomorrow ahead..., originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

If I try
what not could be done.
With the determination I have
obstacles would be fun.

I tried my best in the past,
But that was not the best of my vast.
No matter I did not succeed,
in the pursuits I heed.
But I still have my today,
to fight my fray.

This time I don't want to back feet,
It is a new tomorrow I want to greet.
A hundred times I stepped back and forth,
Though I know, more wait is worth.

When I walk away,
shall you see the same sun's sheen
This is what every hour I whim.


  1. Yes, you can
    If you try
    all could be well done
    With the determination you have
    even the obstacles would go numb
    And the one thing that you adore
    your life, well it would be a real fun

    To try your best is not a thing of past
    in a world moving so fast, it still holds it's merit
    To succeed afterall, is not the real quest
    It ain't the purpose, to the best of my knowledge

    When you walk away
    nothing would really change
    It would still be a dusk following a day
    It's just that someone's world won't be the same

  2. Thank you Panwar!! It's really niv=ce to read your poems in the replies. You said it rite!