Monday, November 29, 2010

What's wrong?

It hurts..., originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

Why can't you express
when someone thinks you are wrong,
but the other person does not know the truth
and you are too tired of explaining the throng.
Your gestures are now fake,
and you tell-
yes it might have been my mistake.
Just to avoid further repulsions,
you put a full stop to all the discussions.
It is a viscous maze you discover,
And you stop being the shover.

Does it happen with anyone else as well?


  1. Every now and then, someone will have a reason to prove you wrong
    Truth or lie, they don't care, they will be in a different state of mind
    A flood of emotions and all the wrongs notions will drive them away
    Screaming at you, a fit of rage, they will abandon you, come what may
    You'll need more than a reason & explanation to connect the divide
    It's at times like these you need to have faith and determination to try
    If you believe in your beliefs then you won't fake, shy away and hide
    You'll find every reason to fill this abyss no matter how deep and wide
    It happens one day with everyone whosoever has that one someone dear
    It's not just you & me, It also happened with the girl you see in your mirror

  2. Thanks Panwar for such a nice poem..
    How have you been?