Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking out...

I am a window, a window to the world.

Through me, the light from the world out permeates in,
and the darkness from in flows out,
And nobody knows where they merge.

Some eyes stand by me to watch out.
Sometimes I see blues in those eyes.
To hide the tears from the people in,
they look through me to the world out,
to amalgamate those blues,
in the outside hues.

Looking out are some tiny smiles,
the gleam of the blush, eclipsed under the veil.
From the world in, the pinkness of the cheeks they conceal,
to brew these tiny smiles
in the cacophony of the world out.

The tragic yet beautiful world outside
is fast, galloping in its own pace.
And the mundane world in,
crawls when I want it to race.
How much these worlds contrast,
but somewhere they have to coalesce.

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