Thursday, March 10, 2011

These days...

Impediment, originally clicked by Vaishali Ahuja.

These days, my mind is full of thoughts
and my heart is plethora of feelings
To let them flow out, I desire to put them on paper
but there is some friction, some impediment from within
which makes me keep them off to myself.


  1. Loved the coinage "keep them off to myself"

  2. It ain’t the noise of the mind; it’s the howl of your soul
    Emotions bundled within, waiting to explode & explore
    The expressions of joy, sorrow, reverence, love & hate
    You know them all, the ones imbibed and cultivated since age
    Try as you may, and try if you like, but you will see a day
    When these elements of you would betray & reach to me
    No words, no voice, no written symbols of a trivial language
    Your impediments will vanish, and you’ll be known as my devotee :-)

  3. Beautiful poem Panwar!
    Good one :-)
    Seeing someone writing a response as a poem, gives me all the more encouragement to write more. Thanks!