Monday, April 4, 2011

My Friend...

Let me try,
leave me alone,
let me take a shower of tears
and be on my own.
Grab a corner,
watch me wordlessly,
just be a mute shadow,
but don't go away, please.
Want you to stay by me
forever, ever and ever.

Thanks for always being there...


  1. Friend - a word so trite, so plain & dry
    Take it for granted, abuse it outright
    Beat it, demean it, and lose it overnight

    Friend - an expression so absolute & white
    Adore it, nurture it, hold it dear & hold it tight
    And when you cry, just let it be the strength inside

    Friend - an acquaintance, a comrade
    Let them be a part of the unending battle called life
    Let them make it right, make it glorified & make it life

    Friends if you’ve, you shouldn’t have to fight it all alone
    Even though it’s nobody’s battle but your own
    Friends if you’ve, you shouldn’t have to be on your own
    Because when things turn out bad, you’ll never be alone