Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nature's love...

Nature's love, originally uploaded by me2myself(Vaishali).

I was lying lazy,
during the late hours in the mazy.
Little light was juggling to enter my room,
to remove the darkness and the gloom.

Suddenly I heard some smacking on the door,
I was juggled by the rage of the roar,
And I rushed to explore.
Some heavy drops thrashed my cheeks,
and calmed down the bitter shrieks.
I felt solaced,
as the cool drops embraced.
It made me feel loved and fondled,
By the nature’s beauty that cuddled.

It was a beautiful rain,
a little clumsy over the lane.
A heavy pour that God had sent,
to awaken my sleeping soul,
And to fill the moment with freshness and content...


  1. A good one...

    Makes me crave for that first rain and the its smell...

  2. ... to awaken my sleeping soul

    beautiful write. I just happen to drop by ur blog.. but the first few posts were so scintillating :-) thank you

  3. Thanks Akshaya..

    Thanks Abhinav, glad that you liked it!