Thursday, April 7, 2011

Standing against corruption and supporting Anna Hazare!

Anna Anna! you have raised a lamp towards the cacophony of corruption
A corruption that has been brewed
into the blood of few leaders who should be screwed
You are an old man with the voice of youth
A soul fighting with the nation’s uncouth
...You are not alone in this strife
The whole nation is supporting you in rife
We appreciate your heckle
And thank you for enlightening us before these baddies speckle.
Anna Hazare, 73, a retired army person and now a  social activist, has gone on fasting unto death, unless the govt. passes the Lokpal Bill. He is doing this for our generation, for our youth.

Let's spread the word and support him!


  1. Well written. Pretty different from your earlier ones.

    I hope this movement continues...