Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Broken Wings...

Flight, originally uploaded by me2myself(Vaishali).

I am struggling to fly,

careworn by my broken wings.

But Thy said to me – Fly, fly as much as you can.

Fly, as if you feel is the last day today,

with the broken wings I gave you.

Fly, but not in a way I taught you, or somebody else did.

There is something new you can do with these.

Fly, and make it your supermacy, and your art,

And let every kind say - You are a master, a master of the broken pieces.


  1. Lovely !!

    So finally you got some time :)

    Vaishali, the Poetographer !!

  2. hey excellent photography,and your blog is just very amazing, i loved your blog and you have made a good effort to keep your blog updating and nice
    Healthy life

  3. Thanks alot Brian :)
    Glad that you liked it!