Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do not exploit, give yourself some rest...

From my cuticles to my toes,
They all tell me their woes
They ask me for some pamper,
but how selfish I am, I ignore.
I crucify them to so much pains,
But the prodigal me can't satisy them with the color paints.
There is something more than just exuberance that they need.
Rest and peace is what they want me them to feed.
I prostrate them from every dawn till the late dusk,
Till it pains underneath their husk.
From the epoch when the sparrows crook,
Till the time the bats shook.
I exploit them for longest hours,
But I forget that they are my own part.

One day when they give me back the same heck,
I will be underneath the most fervent wreck.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Take me back in Time...

There was a life full of energy, full of peace and also full of chaos, but still that time had been the best time of my life. Even today the life unfolds the excitement and the sadness as the same deck of cards, in the same unexpected way. Today also, there is a mystery with each new day, a new feeling - good or bad. But still I say that time had been the best time of my life.

If I ever ask myself -Why that time had been the best time of my life? I would resonate and tell the same thing "because that time had given me the people for my lifetime, with whom I want to re-live those moments again and again and tell myself - I want to go back in time". And believe me when I am with those lifetime friends, I actually re-live those memoirs. If I look out the same porch with them now where we have grown up together, the air becomes as lively as it was then, and I feel young again. For that moment I forget that it was a past because my today is what I enjoy as much as my past. And it seems that the numerical number of the years in my life had gone back in time, and I am younger again.

To be honest, whenever we friends meet, we wish to have a time machine which can let us go back in time (It may sound frivolous for oldies like us from early 80's to talk like that, but that's true. We still do that). But if I re-think, we have that time machine with us because we still re-live those memories now as well when we are together.

I don't know if I would have the opportunity in my future as well to enjoy this back in time mode, but one thing is for sure - whenever in time ahead I visit that porch alone, I will still miss those memoirs and would cry at my heart for not being able to re-live those memoirs with the friends who have made it so special for me so that I can say that time had been the best time of my life.