Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do not exploit, give yourself some rest...

From my cuticles to my toes,
They all tell me their woes
They ask me for some pamper,
but how selfish I am, I ignore.
I crucify them to so much pains,
But the prodigal me can't satisy them with the color paints.
There is something more than just exuberance that they need.
Rest and peace is what they want me them to feed.
I prostrate them from every dawn till the late dusk,
Till it pains underneath their husk.
From the epoch when the sparrows crook,
Till the time the bats shook.
I exploit them for longest hours,
But I forget that they are my own part.

One day when they give me back the same heck,
I will be underneath the most fervent wreck.


  1. Everyday, give yourself the best of self
    Ignore the woes, the pain and useless gains
    A few solitary moments, just be your true self

    Let the moment pass, let your thoughts discharge
    Let the attention merge with the sensation
    Observe, as soul rises above your limitations

    A lot unexplored and there's a lot unsaid
    A lot uncomprehended and man, I'm so correct
    No friend or foe better than true innerself

    Don't just dive, believe and rely on self
    Through the darkness of your today's past
    You'll be grounded and rooted in agape love

  2. Thanks Panwar...It's always nice to read poetic replies from you :-) Lovely poem...