Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My curly emotions...

My emotions- Where had I left them long ago,
Don't even remember when I did let them go...

These emotions were like my hair,
the curls falling down my cheeks to snare.
And never did I realize they netted me so close,
But I was the one who made them deliberately go.

Life has brought them back,
As a gift for me,
A gift- I should have preserved throughout,
throughout the alchemy.

I had lost the feeling of love,
had lost the sense of oneness,
in the soreness of an abscess.
Now when they are back, I want them to stay,
whatever come it may.
Because they make me see the love I hold through these emotions,
Which were lost during those commotions.

May be, it’s someone who has come,
Come to fathom my emotions,
And led me to combat my own implosions.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Mother

She has always been like a rock- a hard one
very strong and tough within.
But only a few know the translucent rock.
Against obstacles, tough she appear,
but in front of love, emerge like a sheer.
She lets the light of love permeate in,
And would hide her worries behind her cute grin.

I frown on small things
But she still does not give a damn fling
She could catch the hulk behind my disparaging smile since all these years
And I, at times, still fail to understand her hidden tears.

What you taught me over the years
That I never understood why I was been taught...
It all feels like a blessing today.

If I could be just 5% of what you are as a mother, my kid(in future) will be blessed!
Happy Birthday Mumma! Lots of love :*

Sunday, June 10, 2012

To my little adorable neice- Aarna

Little Aarna


Your deep eyes brighten my day,
You naughty smile take my worries away,
Your little intricate games wash my tears away.

I forget my tauts when I see you chuckling,
I get exhilarated to see you frolicking.
We dance, and we play,
You take from me, my years away.
You don't let me rest when I am there,
And I can't see you sleep while I am awake.
You are yet not 2, and I am far beyond 22.

But still we are always as excited as childhood friends,
Waiting to see each other every weekend.

Little sweetheart, you are still a toddler to understand what "Love" is,
But yet you express it in the most perfect way.
I love you.