Sunday, June 10, 2012

To my little adorable neice- Aarna

Little Aarna


Your deep eyes brighten my day,
You naughty smile take my worries away,
Your little intricate games wash my tears away.

I forget my tauts when I see you chuckling,
I get exhilarated to see you frolicking.
We dance, and we play,
You take from me, my years away.
You don't let me rest when I am there,
And I can't see you sleep while I am awake.
You are yet not 2, and I am far beyond 22.

But still we are always as excited as childhood friends,
Waiting to see each other every weekend.

Little sweetheart, you are still a toddler to understand what "Love" is,
But yet you express it in the most perfect way.
I love you.