Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My curly emotions...

My emotions- Where had I left them long ago,
Don't even remember when I did let them go...

These emotions were like my hair,
the curls falling down my cheeks to snare.
And never did I realize they netted me so close,
But I was the one who made them deliberately go.

Life has brought them back,
As a gift for me,
A gift- I should have preserved throughout,
throughout the alchemy.

I had lost the feeling of love,
had lost the sense of oneness,
in the soreness of an abscess.
Now when they are back, I want them to stay,
whatever come it may.
Because they make me see the love I hold through these emotions,
Which were lost during those commotions.

May be, it’s someone who has come,
Come to fathom my emotions,
And led me to combat my own implosions.